IT Cosmetics: Is It Cruelty-Free?

Is IT Cosmetics cruelty free

With the rise of the cruelty-free fad currently going on in industries. It is important for popular brands to incorporate this lifestyle into their production process. People are now considering the preciousness of the lives of animals and are now taking the more ethical route of living life. One of those companies that are making …

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Aveeno: Is It Cruelty-Free?

is Aveeno cruelty free

Whether you are interested in skincare or not, you have probably heard of the brand Aveeno. Who doesn’t? In every beauty section of the mall, you can see many of their products, especially in the body lotions aisle. This brand is super well known for their effective and highly moisturizing body lotions, and many people …

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The Ordinary: Is It Cruelty-Free?

Is the ordinary cruelty free

One brand is taking over the skincare community and is a cult favorite by almost everyone. They have the best solutions for specific skincare concerns, and they deliver them swiftly and effectively. That brand is The Ordinary. I know what you’re thinking, why are they called The Ordinary if they are more than that? That …

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MARIO BADESCU: Is It Cruelty-Free?

is mario badescu cruelty free

Luxury brands that have been around for decades have earned the trust of their consumers. When products survive the test of time, that is what you know you have chosen the right brand. One specific brand that comes into mind when we are talking about good brands is Mario Badescu. I am sure you have …

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Vegan VS. Cruelty-Free

vegan vs cruelty-free

The trend that’s taking over the beauty world and health world right now is going vegan or cruelty-free. We, as humans, have grown for the better by consciously living an ethical life that is free from animal cruelty. Being cruelty-free and vegan is a whole different experience, and that is why people are transitioning to …

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Leaping Bunny VS. PETA

Leaping Bunny VS PETA

When you are living a vegan and cruelty-free life or you are planning on transitioning, there are many factors that you should consider as a consumer. The first thing you need to know is if a product is cruelty-free. This can be tricky because most products in the market are not cruelty-free because of companies’ …

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LA ROCHE-POSAY: Are They Cruelty-Free?

Is La Roche-Posay Cruelty Free

Skincare is all about finding the right solutions for your skin problems. There are hundreds of skincare brands out there that cater to different skin types and concerns. Some companies prioritize research on skin science and provide medicinal solutions to many different skin problems. One of those types of brands is La Roche-Posay. Who is …

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NYX COSMETICS: Are They Cruelty-Free?

Is NYX cruelty free

In the world of makeup, NYX Cosmetics is one of the most popular brands chosen by millions of people worldwide. They have a wide range of products from eyeliners, brow pencils, and dozens of lipsticks to choose from. They provide expert-level makeup that you can use for your daily makeup look and professional makeup look. …

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THE 5 Best Korean Body Lotion

Best Korean body lotion

Taking care of your skin is more than just slathering facial wash on your face. When we are talking about skincare, we must also include the rest of our body. Our body is the same as our face—it needs constant care and attention. The skin on our body goes through so much during the day. …

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