Welcome to Beauty Pickup.

My name is Shelia Swartz and I’m the person behind this site/blog called Beauty Pickup!

At Beauty Pickup, we do our best to help you make a decision on your next purchase.

We also write articles that are designed to help you learn more about your skin or take better care of them.

Besides me, we also have a few contributors who provide genuine non-biased reviews based on their experience.

Aerilynn Tan

Skintype: Dry & sensitive.

Aeri was first introduced to the wonderful world of Asian skincare through r/Asianbeauty. She views skincare as an invaluable form of self-care that is never too late for one to get into, & would now like to help as many people as she can who may be interested in getting a head start into the rabbit hole that is skincare.

Angela Alach

Skintype: Combination to oily skin, especially oily T-zone and acne-prone skin.

Angela started using more skincare products after turning 25 and she is constantly looking for and trying new products that would perfectly fit with her skin type.

Giyan Somozo

Skintype: Combination (Forehead and nose are my problem areas)

Acne haunted me all throughout college and severely affected my self-esteem, so now I take skincare very seriously. The endless amount of skincare products available to combat acne problems give me life.

Judy Kim

Skintype: True Combination with a tendency to get very dry when neglected.

Kerrin has been a film and television makeup artist for 25 years. In more recent times she has added beauty blogger to her resume. Throughout her career, she has been exposed to a plethora of skincare and beauty products. Kerrin gets the most reward out of being able to help others with their own skincare concerns.

Rebekah Rovira

Skintype: Naturally oily (not dehydrated) with issues concerning PIH & stubborn blackheads + SFs on T-zone.

Rebekah got into skincare after running into the r/ScA & r/AB subreddits two years ago & hasn’t stopped nerding out over skincare ingredients & Asian beauty products since.

Rhiannon O’Connor

Skin type: Combo/Dry with SF concerns

Rhiannon got into skincare after expanding from watching many makeup videos into skincare videos. This obsession was further extended through subreddits such as r/SkincareAddiction and r/AsianBeauty

Sarah Lynn Geronimo

Sarah is a Business Administration graduate who loves to play mobile games. Aside from working as an Operation Associate in an ESL company, she is also a part-time freelance writer. Despite her busy schedule, she always ensures that her skin will stay healthy and glowing all day long.

Subani Moktan

Skintype: Medium toned skin that tends to get a little dry in the winter.

Subani Moktan is a freelance writer based in Nepal with a love for all things beauty and fashion. She believes in ‘skin first’ and can often be found splurging on skincare.

Yessica Klein

Yessica Klein is a Brazilian-born writer with combination skin based in Berlin, Germany. She loves all-natural, cruelty-free beauty products in combination with high-tech gadgets and treatments.